Gold At 2013 Highs Of $1,523/oz As Trump Calls The Fed “Clueless” and “Crazy” and Links Trade Wars to Hong Kong


* Gold prices consolidated today, after gold gained nearly 1% yesterday on safe-haven buying as stocks globally fell yesterday and today.

* The historic drop in long-term U.S. bond yields could portend a global recession which is impacting risk assets and seeing investors diversify into gold.

* China has curbed gold imports according to anonymous sources in western bullion banks as reported by Reuters (see below).

* Ordinarily, one would expect a pullback in gold after the recent rapid gains but these are far from ordinary times. Trump’s Presidency, trade wars, Brexit and other risks mean that gold could go higher before correcting lower.

* The wider economic, monetary and geopolitical backdrop will support safe haven assets and investors without an allocation to the precious metal should cost average into physical gold

Gold marks highest finish since 2013 as recession risk lifts the metal’s haven appeal

Gold rises as global recession fears lift safe-haven appeal

Exclusive: China curbs gold imports as trade war heats up

Dow tanks 800 points in worst day of 2019 after bond market sends recession warning

Stocks, oil tank on growing signs of global slowdown

Gold in USD – Monthly – 10 Years

Trump Calls the Fed “Clueless” and “Crazy”

U.S. 30-Year Yield Falls to Record Low and Curve Warns of Recession

Yield curve inversion shows Fed needs to cut rates: Trump adviser

Trump warns ‘good man’ Xi to treat Hong Kong humanely or risk trade deal

Trump Linking Trade to Hong Kong Risks Playing Into Xi’s Hands

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Gold Prices via LBMA (AM/ PM Fix – USD, GBP & EUR)

14-Aug-19 1500.35 1513.25, 1241.69 1253.73 & 1341.61 1356.17
13-Aug-19 1527.20 1498.40, 1265.90 1240.38 & 1363.48 1338.67
12-Aug-19 1501.95 1504.70, 1244.82 1243.63 & 1343.64 1341.74
09-Aug-19 1503.50 1497.70, 1242.19 1240.99 & 1342.02 1338.05
08-Aug-19 1497.40 1495.75, 1230.26 1234.14 & 1335.08 1335.70
07-Aug-19 1487.65 1506.05, 1225.82 1239.33 & 1330.11 1341.44
06-Aug-19 1461.85 1465.25, 1199.59 1201.21 & 1304.85 1311.11
05-Aug-19 1457.45 1465.25, 1199.92 1203.85 & 1307.92 1310.23
02-Aug-19 1436.05 1441.75, 1184.17 1187.28 & 1294.02 1298.44
01-Aug-19 1406.40 1406.80, 1161.12 1161.74 & 1273.35 1273.29

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