Gold At 3 Week High As Stocks and Dollar Fall On Trump’s Hard Line Stance Against Iran and China


◆ Gold has edged higher to reach three week highs at $1,535/oz today after Trump took a hard-line stance on China and Iran during his U.N. speech

Stocks fell in the U.S. yesterday and today in Europe on increasing political turmoil in the U.S. and the UK; Concerns about the global economy and the outlook for stocks is enhancing gold’s safe haven appeal

Palladium has surged to an all time record high and we expect gold and silver to follow suit in the coming months due to very elevated geo-political, financial and economic risks

Hard currencies in the form of the monetary metals of gold and silver are outperforming the dollar, euro, pound & all digital fiat currencies and we expect this out performance to continue as currencies are further devalued

Hard currencies are outperforming the dollar, euro, pound & all digital fiat currencies.
Source: Bloomberg via James Henry Anderson @jameshenryand


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Gold Prices (LBMA – USD, GBP & EUR – AM/ PM Fix)

24-Sep-19 1520.25 1520.65, 1220.76 1216.67 & 1382.36 1381.36
23-Sep-19 1519.50 1522.10, 1222.13 1225.90 & 1385.48 1385.11
20-Sep-19 1504.10 1501.90, 1199.07 1203.62 & 1361.06 1362.52
19-Sep-19 1498.40 1500.70, 1200.67 1201.76 & 1354.85 1357.08
18-Sep-19 1502.20 1503.50, 1206.27 1204.90 & 1360.39 1359.92
17-Sep-19 1499.30 1502.10, 1208.89 1207.24 & 1361.51 1360.45
16-Sep-19 1502.05 1497.20, 1207.35 1203.30 & 1357.25 1359.46
13-Sep-19 1506.30 1503.10, 1209.41 1208.19 & 1356.88 1358.35
12-Sep-19 1502.95 1515.20, 1219.94 1227.46 & 1362.88 1373.53
11-Sep-19 1493.65 1490.65, 1208.21 1209.07 & 1354.74 1355.90

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