Gold Retreats After Two Days of Gains as Serbia Buys 9 Tons of Gold and Hong Kong Enters Sharp Recession


Gold Retreats After Two Days of Gains as Serbia Buys 9 Tons of Gold and Hong Kong Enters Sharp Recession


Gold tallies back-to-back gains as Treasury yields retreat

Serbia Buys Nine Tons of Gold to Heed President’s Crisis Advice

Global debt surged to a record $250 trillion in the first half of 2019, led by the US and China

China central bank injects 200 billion yuan to boost liquidity, keeps rate unchanged

Fewer Chinese cities report home price gains in Oct

Forget GDP: Here Is The Scariest Data From China

Hong Kong confirms economy fell into recession amid protests, trade war

Hong Kong paralyzed for fifth day, students guard campuses

Hong Kong in first recession for a decade amid protests

Fed Braces For Year End Repo Turmoil: Announces $55 Billion In 28, 42-Day Repos To Flood System With Cash

Markets increasingly dependent on opaque currency trading to keep cash flowing

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14-Nov-19 1467.65 1466.65, 1141.39 1142.52 & 1334.240 1333.18
13-Nov-19 1463.45 1462.90, 1138.86 1140.62 & 1328.23 1328.46
12-Nov-19 1455.00 1452.05, 1134.03 1130.42 & 1319.69 1318.17
11-Nov-19 1465.50 1458.70, 1144.41 1132.39 & 1328.33 1321.87
08-Nov-19 1466.85 1464.15, 1144.58 1142.62 & 1328.09 1328.13
07-Nov-19 1484.10 1484.25, 1153.44 1156.82 & 1339.40 1341.76
06-Nov-19 1488.55 1486.05, 1155.26 1154.51 & 1342.23 1341.31
05-Nov-19 1504.60 1488.95, 1166.37 1156.17 & 1352.18 1344.67
04-Nov-19 1509.20 1509.45, 1168.57 1169.52 & 1352.39 1353.98
01-Nov-19 1509.85 1508.80, 1165.76 1164.49 & 1354.79 1351.28



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