London House Prices Drop Eight Quarters In A Row


London House Prices Drop Eight Quarters In A Row

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UK Housing Market Weak and London House Prices Drop Eight Quarters In A Row

UK Construction Sector Suffers Worst Month in 10 Years as Brexit Bites

Gold Rises on Global Growth Worries, US-EU Trade Conflict

US Shares Hit Record and Gold Drops as Trade Talk Hopes Rise

Wave’ of M&A Will Hit Gold Mining This Year – Polyus

Why the Gold Rally is Set to Run

More of the Same: Gold Will Go to $3,000 – $5,000/oz Over Next Few Years

Central Banks Increased Gold Purchases by 74% in 2018

Only Central Banks Could Handle Recent Losses on Gold Futures Sales
Global Capex Has Ground to a Halt 

Companies Are Warning That Earnings Are Going to Be Brutal 

LBMA Gold Prices (AM/ PM Fix – USD, GBP & EUR)

01-Jul-19 1390.05 1390.10, 1099.81 1099.99 & 1227.41 1227.74
28-Jun-19 1413.20 1409.00, 1114.87 1108.18 & 1241.07 1237.81
27-Jun-19 1402.25 1402.50, 1103.71 1105.87 & 1233.14 1234.76
26-Jun-19 1406.75 1403.95, 1109.22 1106.73 & 1238.501236.32
25-Jun-19 1429.55 1431.40, 1120.62 1124.36 & 1255.72 1256.20
24-Jun-19 1405.45 1405.70, 1102.58 1105.30 & 1233.56 1235.05
21-Jun-19 1388.35 1397.15, 1095.96 1101.93 & 1228.55 1233.12
20-Jun-19 1381.65 1379.50, 1086.25 1087.74 & 1222.90 1221.27

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Is Gold Still in a Bull Market?

Gold Mining Operation Supply Issues Points to a Sustained Bull Market for Gold

What could send gold to $5000 per ounce?

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