UK’s Massive £5 Trillion Plus Real Debt Will Result In Currency Crisis (GoldCore Video)


  • While all the focus is on Brexit, the UK faces a debt and currency crisis
  • UK has over $8T in external debt: 2nd largest debtor in the world after the U.S.
  • True UK government debt exceeds £5 trillion as pension liabilities not in official numbers
  • Total UK national nominal debt surged over £2 trillion; Increasing at over £5k per second
  • Total debt (government, private, business & bank debt) as a percent of GDP is over 500%
  • Total UK debt could total £6.7 trillion by 2023, rising to nearly 260% of GDP – PWC
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LBMA Gold Prices (USD, GBP & EUR – AM/PM Fix per ounce)

21-May-19 1276.00 1271.15, 1004.85 998.62 1144.19 1139.84
20-May-19 1275.25 1276.85, 1000.05 1003.22 1142.62 1143.42
17-May-19 1285.80 1280.80, 1007.55 1005.17 1152.08 1146.70
16-May-19 1295.55 1291.70, 1009.67 1009.46 1155.76 1154.78
15-May-19 1298.90 1299.10, 1005.87 1011.87 1158.75 1161.53
14-May-19 1297.60 1298.40, 1002.14 1005.48 1154.34 1158.04
13-May-19 1282.95 1295.60, 985.95 994.89 1142.47 1151.27

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